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Corop vineyards

Timmering Estate

The Timmering vineyard at 249 Wilson Road, Timmering (via Rochester) currently has 265 acres under vine in the Heathcote Wine region and a proven record of producing quality grapes to winemaker’s specifications. The current planting is all under long-term contract. There is a further 735 acres of well drained Heathcote Cambrian soil to develop.

We seek long-term relationships with winemakers with a vision and passion for quality fruit from Heathcote. We appreciate clear viticultural specifications from winemaking clients to ensure their expectations are aligned and achieved.

The vineyard is owned and operated by Chris and Leigh Devine who are second generation growers with extensive wine industry knowledge and experience. They are also the owner-operators of four vineyards in the Riverina, again all under long-term contract.

Efficiency of scale in operations allows us to keep grape prices at realistic levels. We welcome your inspection.

Contact details

Michael Ciavarella, Vineyard Manager
Timmering Vineyards,
PO Box 126
Rochester Victoria 3561

Telephone: 0427 273 904
Fax: +61 3 5484 6389