The Corop Community Action Group (CCAG) was formed in late 2000. Since that time CCAG has provided a wide range of social activities in the district and run fundraisers and working bees to make improvements in the town, along the main roads and in the lake area.

CCAG has collected and recorded some of Corop’s history and inaugurated events that are now seen as keeping the traditions of Corop alive. The events CCAG run are important community builders as well. This very active organisation takes great pride in the long line of events it has run with great support from the locals.

CCAG is a small and very active group that has sought grants monies to develop features in the area that complement the wetlands environment and help to increase awareness of these inland waters.

Some of the group’s achievements include the Corop Shelter, beautification of the streetscape of Corop town, Lake Cooper walking track, revegetation, and other environmental works in the area.

The Corop Community Centre is the focal point of community events and activities.

The local community regards the Corop Wetlands as an important natural environment that offers a range of recreational and natural history pursuits.

Corop Community Plan

The Corop District Community Plan is available from the Shire of Campaspe website.

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