Mount Burramboot and the Mount Camel Range

The Mount Camel Range runs for around 30 kilometres between Corop and Heathcote with the major peaks being, Mount Camel in the south (near Tooleen) and Mount Burramboot in the north.

Mount Burramboot and the Mount Camel Range are among the oldest geologically in Victoria. The rich Cambrian volcanic soils are the source of minerals that make the area highly sought as part of the Heathcote wine region.

The quarry on Mount Burramboot (282 metres) has operated for over 50 years and provides high grade “blue-metal” aggregate for construction work and roads. Several roads cut across the range and provide scenic observation points.

The ridge of the Mount Camel Range comprises of silicified Cambrian shale and basic volcanic rocks (Greenstones). To the west of the main ridge is a secondary range of Ordician sedimentary rocks. The gentle slopes and plains west of the range comprises of Palaeozoic sediments, while the plains to the east are derived from alluvial sediments.