Scattered remnant trees occur on the crest of the northern end of the Mount Camel Range.

Nationally endangered species such as the Darling Downy Pea (Swainsona swainsonoides) and Red Swainson Pea (Swainsona plagitropis) are found in the numerous wetland and roadside grassland remnants.

Stiff Groundsel (Senecio behrianus), recorded as extinct in Australia, was recently rediscovered as existing only in Corop. A National recovery plan for the Stiff Groundsel (Senecio behrianus) is available from the ‘Department of the Environment and Energy’ website.

A summary of the vegetation types in Corop is available from the Goulburn Broken Catchment Management Authority’s Revegetation Guide for the Goulburn Broken Catchment.

Two significant flora reserves in the area are:

  • Runnymede Flora Reserve (250 hectares)
  • Corop Cemetery. (View History: The Corop Cemetery for a list of plants found at the cemetery.)

Other places to explore local flora include:

  • Lake Cooper
  • Greens Lake