CFA (Country Fire Authority)

The Corop CFA has been revitalised with a significant increase in personnel in the past few years. More members are receiving training to upgrade skills. The CFA is very active in its fundraising and has secured funds for new equipment which helps streamline its operations further. The Corop CFA is well on track raising its profile in the district and improving its capability with full support from its local community.

Contact: Secretary: Kylie Bloomfield
Telephone: 0409 015 029

Cornella Local Area Plan Implementation Committee

Cornella Local Area Plan Implementation Committee (CLAPIC) manages natural resource management issues such as salinity, watertables, water quality, native vegetation, weeds and pest animals

This group helps to manage a mini catchment area near Rochester in North Central Victoria. Operating since 1998, Cornella Local Area Plan is for short and long-term environmental problems affecting the area. The CLAPIC has the task of implementing the Cornella Local Area Plan. This plan aims to reverse the land, vegetation, water course and water quality degradation in the Lake Cooper catchment.

The plan identifies issues of erosion, silting and increased salinity in the catchment where Corop is located. Earthworks, revegetation, environmental management and education form this Group’s program of activities, which has gained national recognition and significant financial support. This work is ongoing and links to the revegetation work carried out by Corop-based groups.

Contact: John Avard
Telephone: 03 5432 9215

Corop Cemetery Trust

A small dedicated group of volunteers maintains the historic bush cemetery, a few kilometres to the west of Corop. The Corop Cemetery Trust meet 3–4 times a year and hold working bees as required. Records of the graves are held and maintained. For more information see:

View Corop Cemetery

Corop Community Action Group

View Corop Community Action Group

Heathcote Winegrowers Association

The Heathcote Winegrowers’ Association has an expanding presence in the district and with the opening of cellar door outlets in the area, is stimulating further developments and employment opportunities.

With something over 70 vineyards, the Heathcote Wine Region is gaining in recognition for its red wines—notably its shiraz—in national and international markets. These wines are distinctive to the area, being produced from the local grapes grown in the rich Cambrian soils the area is known for.

In early October annually they hold the Heathcote Wine and Food Festival, showing Heathcote wines and local gourmet food.

Victorian Water Ski Association

The Victorian Water Ski Association (VWSA) club actively promotes and provides information on all aspects of water skiing.

The VWSA manage their locally-based clubroom and caravan park on the foreshore of Lake Cooper.

For enquiries and bookings, contact:

Contact: Fran Hynes
Address: PO Box 236, St Kilda, Victoria, 3182
Telephone: 03 9531 1388
Mobile: 0429 055 233